Wednesday, May 5, 2010

body wraps and teeth whitening

In the little over a year that Adam and I have been married, we have been pretty comfortable around each other...well I'll say a lot comfortable. Even while we were dating, we never had a probably being ourselves or letting things fly out of our mouths and other areas..ahem. Last night was a perfect example. I had bought a body wrap from a girl who goes to my church and have been hanging on to it for a few weeks now. A little skeptical about it, I threw it in my bathroom and swore I would try it eventually. If you haven't heard of these things, they are suppose to help you loose inches the waist, arms, thighs..they even have one for double chins ha! You can read all about the testimonials and product here:
Anywho, I decided yesterday that I would finally put this thing on and give it a try, since well I am in a wedding in less than a month and hey if it really worked, great! Around the same time I bought my wrap, Adam went to the dentist and got a teeth whitening kit, something he was also putting off. So here we were in our bed, me lying on my back trying not to move with this smelly minty gross feeling thing on my stomach and Adam in all his glory, reverting back to his inner 12 year old with a retainer. We were quite the pair indeed! I find it so humorous the things we will try to be skinnier, prettier, sexier,'s a never ending cycle. Oh and I have noticed a slight difference in my waist, but it take 3 days to see the full effect so I'll post something on Friday.
In other news, we finally bought bikes yesterday woo hoo! I was so excited and thought this would be the perfect activity for us to do together in our cute little neighborhood. I actually had a thought that bike riding wouldn't burn as many calories as us walking the dogs- boy was I wrong! I had to stop twice to adjust myself because the seat felt like it was melding to my woman parts and after 30 minutes I threw in the towel and we headed to Sonic for a slushe...better luck next time I guess!

My new beauty!

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