Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Pryor is a brewin'

I am so happy to post that Adam and I are expecting our first baby! I cannot believe what I am even typing, saying,'s the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. We had been trying for 3 /12 months or so and honestly can't believe the Lord blessed us so soon. I took two tests Thursday morning and actually had Adam on the phone when I had the dollar store test stuck in the cup of pee and immediately two lines popped up. So much to my surprise, I quickly got off the phone, called one of my very best friends, Crystal, who lives in WA and is a medical assistant, and had a mini freak out. She assured me that if the test came up positive that fast, then it was in fact, positive. Regardless, I insisted on taking a digital test, thinking in some way that would make me feel better. So I gulped down a few swigs of water and watched the test pop up "Pregnant". So here I am sharing this with the world.
This weekend has been a whirlwind of emotions and nerves. I kept quiet for longer than I ever thought was possible with such a giant secret. To make things even more exciting, my best friend of 13 years delivered her second baby girl Friday evening and little Emily Ann is such a beauty =) So between going to the hospital and working a full day Saturday with a dinner theater Saturday night, Adam and I decided we would dedicate today to telling all of our family and close friends.
Overall today was wonderful. The encouragement and excitement from the people we hold closest to our hearts made everything so much more real. Like, ok I am really going to be a mommy. Wow. Something I've prayed about for so and wanted more than anything. I am just speechless to think that this little angel is starting to make itself at home in my belly. Adam is ecstatic as well and we have really enjoyed just basking in this unexplainable joy the past few days. We've already laughed and cried so much and we know there is such a crazy road in front of us.
As far as symptoms are concerned, not too many at all. Just feel a wee bit more tired than normal and  have had some lower abdominal cramping. My mind has almost been arguing with me, telling me that we're telling people a lie because I don't feel any different. But I have been told numerous times that things will quickly change. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming months, no matter what they may hold.
To answer the questions of how far along I am and when I'm due...well, haven't been to the doctor yet, but a good estimate would be 4-6 weeks and due between mid and the end of May. We don't have many May birthdays in my family, so that will be exciting. This baby will be my mom's 7th grandbaby so she is super pumped. My younger sister, Victoria, is expecting her second baby and he/she will be two months older than his/her cousin- how exciting! I am blessed to be surrounded with friends and family who have just gone through pregnancy or are presently going through it with me. I know that Adam and I have tons of support and feel so uplifted right now. We will continue to pray for the healthy growth and development of our baby and I will do all that I can to help give this baby a healthy home to live in. 
God is so good and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity be a mother. I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief, but I think in the coming weeks, everything will become much more real. Here are some pics of the tests that I took and the sticker message that we spelled out in my mother-in-law's photo album that we got her...

Welp that is all for now. I am off to bed to try and calm my brain from freaking out so much. I will post with updates!

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  1. woohoo! i was waiting for a blog post. i'm so happy for you all!