Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduations, Weddings, Vacations, Oh my!

Well it seems, my friends, that summer is among us. After making it through Prom season at work, there are weddings galore. We only went to one graduation this year because of all of the wedding festivities, but it seems our weekends are booked solid for the next two months. And with weddings come showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners (for those of us who are a part of those weddings), and of course the big day. I was honored to be a part of my one of my best friends wedding a couple weeks ago. Ashley and Matt had a beautiful wedding and Adam and I were so thrilled to be standing by their side. Having our newlywed friends home from Cancun has been so wonderful =) (although I'm sure it was torture for them boarding the plane to come home). Right after that wedding, one of my coworkers Jessica got married and they returned home from the Bahamas just this week in fact. This Saturday, Adam is the best man in another wedding of our good friends Jeremy and Sara. Summer is a time that we all look forward to, whether we're in school or not. It's like a 3 month long celebration of something. Here are some pics of the weddings we went to and the Graduate we were so proud of...

Matt and Ashley saying a sweet <3

One of my favorites, because Ash was soo excited!

Me and my Ash swayin to the music =)

                                         Beautiful Briana- now a graduate from Bullitt East

However, one of my most favorite parts of summer is traveling. Adam and I plan to travel the world one day, but this year, we are headed to Seattle, Sandusky, OH, and Gatlinburg. We fly out to Seattle next Thursday and I am oh so excited. One of my most dear friends live there with her little baby Maverick (that I have yet to meet) and her hubby, Aaron. They are going to be so kind to let us crash at their place and show us around the city. They live in Tacoma but I am excited to visit Seattle and to see a new part of the country. The last time that I saw Crystal was my wedding, a year and three months ago, so I am beyond excited to say the least. I am terrified to fly, though. I keep convincing myself that people fly everyday and it's not a big deal, but I am still tempted to look up that guy that landed that plane on the Hudson River- he could totally be my pilot any day! I think Aaron and Crystal plan to show us around and I am pumped about that, but most of my time will be spent kissing all over Maverick's face and catching up with a best friend.

Aren't they like the most beautiful family? This is my bff Crystal and her hubby and baby

Meet Maverick! Well, I haven't officially met him yet but can't wait to!

When we get home from there, we'll be jumping in the HHR (my new ride, btw), headed to Sandusky, OH. What is there, you ask? Well, Cedar Point of course! We went a couple years ago and loved it. Adam got me four tickets for Valentine's Day (he knows the way to my heart) and we are taking the McCulloughs with us so it will be much fun! It's a 7 hour drive or so to our destination, but road trips are so much fun, with the right people of course. I know Matt and Ashley were a good choice =)


                                                            Yes, you should be jealous!

Once we are home from good 'ol Cedar Pointe, we'll be going on a girls' trip a couple weeks later to Gatlinburg. My mom, suffering from empty nest (not really...she cleaned out my room not even a week after I moved out haha), declared an annual girls' getaway weekend exclusive to her, me, Victoria (younger sister), Tonya (older sister), and this year Mikayla and Alexis (Tonya's daughters). We went to Nashville and Memphis last year and had a ball. It is so necessary to get away and bond with the women in your family I am convinced. I love my husband, but we all agree that this is a trip that everyone is looking forward to. Although we will be one lady short, we don't plan to let that ruin anything. My mom deserves to have the time of her life, after the year she's had with taking care of my grandmother and losing her to cancer. Victoria and I plan to drag her all around Gatlinburg, visiting the Titanic museum, maybe Dollywood, and stopping at some shops along the way. She is an amazing mother and friend and I am so excited to get to hang out with her and my sister and nieces for that weekend. 
So, as you can see, the Pryors are very busy this summer. But it wouldn't be summer if we weren't. We feel extremely blessed that we are financially able to go places and see things. And I hear after children come, it all changes, so we must get away while we can. (no bun in the oven, though, so don't go assuming things.) I will post a blog and some pics when we get back from Seattle!

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