Monday, July 5, 2010

The Seattle Blog

So, as promised, here is the very much awaited Seattle/Tacoma blog. And as everyone can see, I did indeed survive the flights, something that I was terrified of. And why is it that flying is scarier than driving? I mean there isn't any traffic and the chances of the plane crashing aren't very high (I don't really know what the chances are technically but I think it's low). Now granted, I wouldn't recommend watching a special on September 11th pre flight or pulling out Final Destination. That'll mess with you forever and then all of a sudden you think you're having these visions of everyone dying and it's just crazy...wasn't Devon Sawa in that movie? Where the heck has he been?? Casper was his best movie by far. Anyway, with my fears alive and well and my IBS medicine at work, I boarded the first plane with Adam to head to Seattle. I also said a prayer every time I went to the bathroom, which was a lot, since, well, I have a stomach disorder and all. This plane was a smaller one- two seats on each side and I opted for the window since Adam has tree branches for legs. I think he wanted to trade soon after, after the Amish couple sitting across the aisle from us started to read a book out loud. Correction, the girl was reading the book out loud to her husband, boyfriend, whatever. I don't know if he couldn't read or if she just wanted to be super annoying but she succeeded nonetheless. Overall, though, that flight and the one after was pleasant and I actually found myself enjoying being above the clouds, so far away from everything that made me feel comfortable and protected. I could have done without the pee smell on the second plane and the girl who looked like Barbie sitting next to my husband with blue jean underwear, er shorts, on barely covering her womanhood but I could have been mistaken. Oh yeah, then we had Johnny-lean-his-seat-back breaking my knee cap off when he jumped up from behind me to occupy the vacant seat in front of me. But overall a nice flight, and hey, it could have been worse.
Landing is the best feeling in the world... for those who fly, I think you'll agree with me. I hear that taking off and landing are the worst, but I love landing. When I hear the pilot say "We have begun our descent", I get oh so excited. I don't care if we smoothly roll onto the pavement or hit it hard enough to make me bite my tongue...the feeling of being on the ground in so satisfying.  And this landing was especially wonderful, because I knew, a hop, skip, and jump away was my dear friend waiting for me. I remember going up the escalator and seeing Crystal, Aaron (her hubby), and Maverick in her arms. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Crystal and I have been the best of friends since I was a freshman in high school-let's do the math- nearly 10 years. She is so special to me and we have the most unique friendship. We go very long periods of time without seeing each other, the most being 2 1/2 years, when she came in to be a bridesmaid in my wedding last March. She and I share such a connection. even through the miles between us, it's just overwhelming to see each other and hug each other and know that there is a person behind the hour long phone calls. She moved to Texas soon after she graduated, then married Aaron and they were stationed in Hawaii for awhile. After Aaron was discharged from the service, they moved to Washington to be with his family. It had been a little over a year this time and I was more than ready to see her and meet her precious baby boy, who is only 9 months old.
In preparation for this trip, Crystal was trying to come up with things to fill our agenda while we were there. I told her I was perfectly happy with hanging out with her everyday and kissing all over Maverick's face, and I did a lot =) And let me add here that he is probably one of the most well behaved babies I have EVER been around and he shot my baby fever through the roof =) Anyway, the 5 nights and 6 days we were there was a blast. It was just the right mix of sight seeing and lounging around. Our first night at their house consisted of Aaron grilling chicken wings and playing catch phrase. It was so nice to just be lazy together. However, the rest of our weekend was filled with shopping, double date night to a yummy bar-b-que place and my first experience at a casino, fun days in Seattle and Tacoma, and a church service Sunday morning at Mars Hill Church. Went went to a cute little farmer's market that was in town and bought a bag of yummy cherries to munch on. She also introduced me to the most adorable baby boutique called Sugar Babies that I plan to keep an eye on for the future Pryor children ;) I think my most favorite times, though, were those spent with her laughing, talking, catching up and just seeing her as a mommy. She's such a wonderful mom, as I knew she would be, and Maverick is such the little miracle baby. I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with joy for her for this little angel that God has blessed her with. Leaving Crystal was difficult and goodbyes will always be hard when someone has such a piece of your heart. But I am so thankful for our friendship and the many memories we made in Seattle and Tacoma. Here are some pics of our trip.....

Maverick the first night..he was drooly face from teething

Bath time!

Mav in his stellar headphone shirt I brought him =)

Yes, he is beautiful!

We just woke up here haha

This pizza place was awesome

Look how cute =)

Us all dolled up for date night

Bad waitress but great food

Mark Driscoll's church- it was awesome!

The famous fish market in Seattle (yes where they throw the fish)

The Space Needle 

Adam in front of the EMP (experience music project). He loved it.

Takin a break at Starbucks (they were everywhere)

Crystal and I our last day

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