Monday, August 16, 2010

Over it..Excited for it..Planning it

So in a nutshell, I am over traveling (for awhile anyway), totally excited that my sister is due with her second baby, and completely up to my ears in planning showers and parties. I thought  in the beginning of summer that I would love the traveling that Adam and I had planned, but is it ever exhausting, on the body and the wallet. After my trip to Gatlinburg with the girls and Adam's getaway wedding weekend to Atlanta, we are calling it quits on the trips for a few months. Well of course until my birthday weekend- we are planning to visit Cincinnati for a couple days so I can finally go to IKEA and there's also supposed to be a concert we're going to- but that's not til November so we have some time to chill.
But I haven't shared my most recent fabulous news with the blogger world, my baby sister is pregnant with baby #2!! Yay! I am overjoyed to say the least and had been keeping it a secret so she could surprise the pants off my mom when we picked Victoria up for our trip. Needless to say, Mom still kept her pants on, but she did scream and run around the van. It was very sweet what they did for Mom- see for yourself:

Victoria is due March 19 but they plan to take her the 12th since she had a c-section with Raylen. Which brings me to my next thing I've been consumed with- shower planning. We have very good friends of ours (Derrick and Melinda) who are adopting their first baby and I am collaborating with some of Melinda's family to throw her the most awesome shower ever. Melinda and Derrick are so special to us for so many reasons. Mainly because, more than anything, they are loyal and true and very dependable. Through the years, Melinda and I had remained dear to each other but had never had the opportunity to have a friendship. After the Lord brought us back to our church home, Melinda and I became inseparable almost immediately. She is now one of my very best friends and I don't know what I'd do without her.  Adam also looks to Derrick like a brother and it was a no brainer that I wanted a part in this shower. They are going to be incredible parents and we are all so excited to see what Boo Boo Jeffries is gonna be. Until then, we must invite, decorate, eat, play, and shower her with love and gifts at the end of October. Here's the decor that we're going with for her shower: 


I know, it's adorable right? I have tons of great ideas for favors and centerpieces and can't wait to rack my brain for games and prizes. I keep telling people I was born to do hair and party plan. I know that she'll love anything that we put together, but we are gonna rock the house with this shower. But before I get busy with birdies and trees, we are gonna have some fun with Mickey Mouse for my niece, Kotey's, 2nd birthday party. We decided to host the bash this year and we are stoked. I had a somewhat obsession with this adorable mouse most of my middle school years, so the love came rushing back when I was given the green light to start planning. Even though she'll only be 2, the adults must be entertained too! A day of Mickey galore, cake, cornhole, pinata swinging, and an astro jump will surely not disappoint. Check out these decorations and tell me if you don't resort to a little kid again:

Ok I"ll show you one more set of decorations that I'm looking at for Victoria's baby shower (which probably won't be til January but early bird gets the worm, right?). She's only about 10 weeks so we obviously don't know the sex of the baby, but I fell in love with this adorable jungle theme:

I will have a bridal shower to plan for one of my very dear friends, Autumn, but that won't be til February so haven't went that far yet. She's getting married in April and I have the honor of being her matron. So I have been a very busy bee indeed. I know that I'll be seeing streamers and balloons for months, but it's so worth it to make those days special for the wonderful people in my life. Will try to update this thing more often!

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